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We received our firs manufacturer’s proof this month and we couldn’t be more excited about how it has all come together. Take a look at the photos below and let us know what you think!

Buy The Rights – Now with Dice!


Buy The Rights with Dice

I’m hard at work finalizing everything in time for the launch of Buy The Rights on Kickstarter, and I just received prototypes for a new idea I recently had: dice! In the instructions, I had a section about an optional mode that is fun to try, the Genre Showdown. In this mode, the Producer picks a genre card and the screenwriters all use the same genre for that round. It adds a fun twist to the game, but I never thought of a good way to trigger that mode.

Then I realized I could use a standard six-sided die and assign game modes to the sides to give people the option of introducing some random game modes into their games. In the current instructions I have optional dice rules that correspond to a standard die, but just for fun, I ordered some blank dice and stickers from Print Play Games and used icons from the game. If people respond positively to this addition, I’m going to make a stretch goal for my Kickstarter where the game would come with custom, etched dice.

From Index Cards to Prototypes


Buy the Rights Cards

Buy The Rights started as an idea last year, but I didn’t do anything with it until a few weeks ago. I had a few Google Drive spreadsheets created for card ideas but it wasn’t until I told some friends about the idea and got some encouragement that I actively started developing the game.

The wife and I had a game night planned with our friends and knew that would be the perfect opportunity to have our first mini playtest, so we quickly made up an ugly prototype using index cards, a label printer, and play money from an education supply store.